Long Lost

As a girl born in the 80s i grew up  when computers and social media was just really beginning to pop! So we were still forced to use our imagination to be creatives which seems to be a LONG LOST priority nowadays! I can attack this from many angles and perspectives, but I'll choose to attack this from a Fashion stand point! Now growing up all of  our clothes and kicks were really original, there were no rereleases of anything everything was an ORIGINAL idea! Now in 2017 every new sneaker is just a rerelease of something from my childhood and preteen/teenage years! Yes it's really fun to see these sneaks coming back, actually very nostalgic but it forces me to think where the hell are all the creatives in these sneaker companies are they throwing away workers new ideas just to rerelease shit because it will sale?  As a designer myself I can see how this may be hard because everything has been done already, but if u dig deep there is always something new there! We have lost our connection with imagination! Everything is at our finger tips and we are losing our thought process, we are losing the trusting of self! I'm saying this because it seems like nothing is new I mean maybe it's done on purpose to keep us stagnant, or is that human beings are really literally losing their minds! Leaving the creative process as something that is LONG LOST!


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