Long Lost Super Powers?

The older I get the more deeper I go into the mysteries of things, you know like life, the universe, metaphysical things etc etc. All of this has been of interest to me since a child but now as an adult I have an abundance of info at my finger tips! Comic books have taken on such a new meaning for me and I see now why maybe there is such an obsession about them maybe not as I see them and the way I go about understanding, but to possess such super human powers like in comic books I'm for sure is on everybody's wish list! "Art imitates life" is a quote I always hear when watching these alternate universes in movies or reading about it! I mean if that's the case how far from the truth is any of it!? Sound and vibration alone can move objects, there are frequencies that correspond to certain things that can help u heal when listening to them! What if there is Omega level Mutants out there and these creators of these stories have experienced these alternate universes and came back to re tell these stories!? (Really they most likely stole the shit from us)  but why is it the more ancient u get the more deeper and illogical the stories become and these creators I'm sure have done their own research and have been inspired by many of these stories! We don't even use half of our brain power just imagine if we did who we could be! What if there was literally a time in point where we had to conquer all four elements to become a great Avatar as in the Last airbender! Everybody had the power to hold at least on element they mastered not just Ang! I have dreams of flying and being able to move objects without touching them is this just my brain obsessing or is this some real live shit? lol


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