Ones Own

In a time where it seems that everything has been done before, It's really hard to weed out a sense of style that is completely your own!( Well for some lol) Jada Pinkett's character Lena embodied such a fierce sense of individuality that I couldn't help but to use her for this post! She completely expressed herself thru fashion rips and holes in places nobody thought of to whimsical splits in jeans to make them even wider! She was a walking imagination, her character was raised in Baltimore so I'm sure high fashion Magazines weren't easily accessed and this is what makes it so cool no influences but self and how u feel! Even tho it's fictional the writers gave this character such a sense of fearlessness and confidence in her style without influence from nothing but her surroundings and this connection to our surroundings is how we get back to individuality instead of going wit the trend of things! Create out the naturalness of creativity! (I love playing in words)


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