Mysterious Mysteries!

Religion is just a way to try to explain the glory that is The universe! A way to explain why we are here as humans and what has created this vastness of earth and the entirety of space! There has been numerous attempts to explain this for millions and millions of years by many different civilizations and the more science tries to figure it out the more they find out about some foreign life form of bacteria that dates back further then said before! Personally I rocks wit how many ancient civilizations understood that the mind was the seat to everything spiritual! How they understood nature and how it connects to the body and everything around us! How they understood the oneness  of all! ALCHEMY/MELANIN! They understood the connection between the spiritual and physical! They didn't separate it! Now a days god is looked at as like a person so to speak, god can not be put into words it's impossible! You can not explain something that makes a beautiful poisonious flower that can kill  a human but in the same breath create a bird that can fucking talk! Nature kills and heals how can u explain this creator when it is both? There's no explanation and religion of all kinds is just lemans terms for us humans! Personally I think it's just a force an unseen force of energy that just creates and creates and creates! I don't think theres an ending to anything! I think everything is forever just in many forms of light! I don't think the earth will ever end if it's some mass natural disaster the earth will renew itself and new humans and life will begin again and the ones who have passed(us) will be onto the next exsistance of our new spirit body! Idk just some thoughts! I'm not even high writing this lml! This shit on my mind high or not that's how I know I'm indigo!


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