Love's Lover

Everyone wants to be love's lover! But not everyone understands Loves vibration! You see love shes a sacred  vibration from long ago! A vibration that lifts you to the highest of highs creating life and brings you down to the lowest of lows killing life! She has no boundaries n doesn't discriminate on who she chooses for u! Everyone wants to be Love's Lover but in the same breathe can ask u why do u love them? What is it u see? Love she has no face! No body! No brain! No thought! Just a energy that runs thru u that can last a life time or just a month! Who Love chooses for u is out of your control! Love can bring you one or many Loves! I told you she doesn't discriminate! I've been Love's Lover before and here I am again in Love's basket of SIN, but waittttttttttt! ­čśť


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